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Leadership Long Beach

Life's Journey is Full of Teachable Moments

By Carolyn Smith Watts, LLBI 01, City of Long Beach Civil Service Commissioner

Carolyn Smith-WattsJuly 16th, 2013 – Life’s journey is full of teachable moments whether we are involved directly or as a witness to the lesson.

When I decided to go through the Leadership Long Beach Institute program back in 2000, it was all about me wanting to take my leadership abilities to the next level. I saw this as the opportunity to get intricately involved in the community at the grassroots level. It definitely afforded me the ability to meet people in the city from all walks of life who want to make our community better.

With our 1,000-plus alumni, we have leaders in all professions and stages of their lives. Many of our alumni are still local, but we are just as proud of our alums who have left the area and still continue to follow their principled leadership values. We understand that leadership is needed in every community. I believe that leadership is about sharing yourself and a leader is someone who is willing to share their wealth of knowledge and experience. Our alumni are proud to share their principled leadership talents.

One of my mantras is “Leadership in Action.” It is one thing to speak eloquently to motivate and inspire, but I also endorse a leader who is about creating action. A leader must convey the objectives and insure proper execution in order to accomplish the identified goals.

Leadership Long Beach will continue to be an integral part of the community by helping individuals, on both a professional and personal level, build up their skill sets, plus focus on those principles that they need to develop and elevate. Our organization has become an academy as well as a human capital resource for companies and organizations, thereby they have complete confidence an alumnus of LLB will get the job done right.

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(Founded in 1989, Leadership Long Beach offers principled leadership programs by educating and engaging adult and youth leaders on issues important to the city’s future and sustainability.

For more information, check us out at www.leadershiplb.org or www.facebook.com/leadershiplongbeach.)