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Leadership Long Beach

Leading With Passion

By Logan Crow, Executive Director
Long Beach Cinematheque

Leadership Long Beach, Class of 2012

Logan CrowNovember 19th, 2013 – From my first day bonding with my new classmates up on “The Mountain,” and throughout the last two years as I’ve gotten to meet one individual after another who I have the honor to call fellow Leadership Long Beach Alumni, I have found that despite our varying jobs, lifestyles, and personal missions, we all share one common tale – that of having been admittedly somewhat confused when first asked to apply to LLB.

Part of this, I think, is because so few of us set out to become a “Leader.” In our youth we dream of the Trade that will be our future, or the Cause – some of us then go to school to learn that Trade, or take a position, as the Doctor, The Architect, the Teacher, the Police Officer, the Film Programmer we dreamed to be. Few of us look into the future and dream, “I want to be a Leader.” So the distinction of being considered a Leader is a little nebulous – it almost immediately demands some definition. In fact, a great Leader is most often identified as such by individuals he or she have affected, and not from within where the focus is to be the best doctor/architect/etc. one can be. What exactly is a Leader, anyway?

Paramount to the LLB curriculum is the identification and cultivation of the 14 “Leadership Principles” celebrated by the institution. Complementing these, measure for measure, I believe, is Passion. The unifying factor between what I do – the programming of cinematic, music, and fundraising events, with a focus on community enrichment – and what, say, my fellow alumni Dana Buchanan does – culinary alchemy, and the promotion and preparation of fresh, locally sourced, seasonal food – is our Passion for our respective callings. Passion drives our efforts, keeps us aligned in our mission, and ultimately attracts those who wish to align themselves with individuals who have committed themselves to the commissions of their souls. Such commitment can be deeply inspiring – even intoxicating.

Leadership is bred form that radiating Passion – a Leader brightens and enriches the lives of others while making his or her own personal dreams come true. I celebrate Leadership Long Beach in recognizing the Leader within me, and my experience with the Class of 2012 in helping me further develop my Leadership skills as I press on with my shared passions for community and the art of cinema. Long live Leadership Long Beach!

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(Founded in 1989, Leadership Long Beach offers principled leadership programs by educating and engaging adult and youth leaders on issues important to the city’s future and sustainability.

For more information, check us out at www.leadershiplb.org or www.facebook.com/leadershiplongbeach.)