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Effective Leadership By Mick Ukleja

Forget The Resolutions This Year!Mick Ukleja

January 15th, 2013 - Really! Think instead about your next chapter in 2013? We all have that feeling that something needs to change. And that’s why resolutions are popular. But let’s face it. Statistics highlight the tremendous failure rate of the resolution roulette.

The trouble is we feel stuck and don’t know what to do about it. Most people find themselves going too fast to even think about going beyond writing three or four resolutions that are usually some kind of improvement on a bad habit that usually doesn’t change. Writing down a shallow and impotent goal can itself be a bad habit.

Is it possible that 2013 could be a watershed year? Could this be the year to connect to a more authentic you? Could you end this year with deeper relationships that go way beyond “networking?” And how about taking that deeper spiritual journey? That’s the great connector that uncovers what inspires and moves you.

The steps – or goals – to live a life full of vitality and purpose come naturally from that place of inspiration. The relationships are meaningfully knitted . . . turning networking into knit-working.

This is where you find the courage to live the life you often dream about, rather than letting it fade like the morning fog before the end of the month.

How do you take the steps to a life with more energy, more passion and more focus? With property we talk about location, location, location. When it comes to purpose, it’s focus, focus, focus.

Replace big thinking with purpose thinking.

It’s tempting to just start out taking on something big which usually becomes overwhelming. Don’t expect ideas to happen in the cracks and crevices of your busy life. FOCUS. Focus on the right things and define your work effectively. There is a difference between being effective and being efficient. You can do the wrong things and still be efficient, but you won’t be effective. You can‘t solve problems you haven’t defined. So focus.

Focus on building relationships that challenge and stimulate. The reverse side is that you will need to eliminate some relationships that drain your energy and effectiveness.

Focus your energy on the right stuff. This means pruning those things that retard your focus. Einstein said, “Pruning is a part of God’s economy.” To achieve new growth it’s essential to cut back the tree of your life.

FOCUS IS THE KEY. What is the most important thing for you to spend your time on? Do this now . . . before the year gets rolling. Don’t spend frenetic energy writing down goals, itemizing in detail what you want to achieve.

It’s not as much what as it is where.

Where do you want to spend your time? Maybe it’s a new venture, or a new idea. Perhaps you want to do some writing. Maybe it’s focusing on your family. It’s not where others want you to spend your focus, but where you want to focus.

When you process in this order, the goals naturally follow. Putting goals before focus – the cart before the horse – is both distracting and disconnected.

So don’t worry about goals and resolutions. Focus on your time and where you are spending it. What are the three to five things you want to focus on? Let your calendar reflect what’s important to you in those three to five areas.

Most people use their schedules to let other people set their agendas.

When you focus on your important areas, you discover you are doing what’s important without “guilting” and “goaling” yourself into it. It smooths out the journey.

Here’s the Bonus:

The good news is that you are being yourself – authentic. Everybody else is already taken, so just be you! Put as much energy in being yourself as you might have done being all things to other people. You will find out real fast if they like you or not. If they don’t, they will leave. This provides a whole lot of room for people who love who you are – and everything you’re not. These are the ones who stick around, build your community – and yes – even spend some money.

So, this year don’t be a resolutionist. They don’t last long and quickly settle back into a life of complacency. Be a revolutionist.

This happens with a deeper, authentic and spiritual connection with yourself. You will cease being pulled and find yourself being propelled through 2013.

A nuclear fusion happens when your passion and purpose collide with your person.

A critical mass is formed that moves you through the year.

P.S. One book that I will shamelessly suggest is “Who Are You? What Do You Want? Four Questions That Will Change Your Life.” Written by yours truly and Bob Lorber. The cover says, “It has been praised by legendary coach John Wooden, Grand Slam Golf champion Gary Player, and many prominent CEOs as “the one book to read that will immediately impact your life.” Ken Blanchard, who wrote the forward, said, “The book is powerful. You will come out a better person because you will know who you are, what you are doing and what’s going to guide your journey.”

This article talks about the need to replace making resolutions with something much better. Making resolutions has a very poor success track record. There is something much more effective as you write your next chapter in 2013. Find out more . . .

(Mick Ukleja is a consultant, author, coach, keynote speaker and president of LeadershipTraq, a leadership consulting firm. His clients have included Fortune 500 corporations and non-profit organizations. Check his weekly blog at www.leadershiptraq.com.)