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Long Beach U.S. Postal Service Mail Processing Operations Consolidation Is Slated For July 1

By Tiffany Rider - Senior Writer

May 7, 2013 – Businesses in Greater Long Beach, specifically those near the Los Angeles and Orange county line, could see delays in destinating mail processing as United States Postal Service (USPS) operations are scheduled for relocation from the Long Beach facility to Los Angeles starting July 1.

Operations consolidations are occurring as USPS mail volume has drastically declined – more than 20 percent since 2007 – and with the absence of funding legislation to support the organization. Essentially, funding challenges have resulted in cost cutting measures including the reduction of mail processing overall.

Richard Maher, spokesperson for USPS, told the Business Journal on April 23 that most of the mail will go to Los Angeles for processing – specifically cities in zip codes starting with 905, 907 and 908. Destinating mail coming from cities in a zip code beginning with 906 will be transferred to the processing center in the City of Industry, he said.

The specific changes are outlined in the Long Beach Area Mail Processing study, conducted by USPS in 2011 and approved in 2012. The changes involve staffing adjustments that must comply with existing collective bargaining agreements and USPS regulations and policies, according to Maher. “We have been telling employees it would probably be this summer,” he said. According to USPS, other mail services offered at the Long Beach facility will continue as no decision has been made on its “future use or possible sale.”