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March 12, 2013 – Amy Eriksen, left, and Griselda Suarez, owners of Long Beach-based condiment and catering company Peppered Up Foods, have been cooking together for 10 years. The two have taken their passion for American and Mexican comfort foods to create a restaurant concept they call Sliced And Diced Eatery: Tortas, Melts & More. According to www.pepperedup.com, Eriksen and Suarez come from a long line of cooks and “have great respect for food traditions and the way the family recipes bring community together.” The restaurant, which hosted a grand opening and ribbon cutting event with 4th District City Councilman Patrick O’Donnell, pictured, on February 28, is located at 3201 E. Anaheim St. Sliced And Diced offers tortas (a Mexican sandwich), melts, roasted potatoes and yams, salads, soups, sides and an array of Peppered Up Foods’ sauces and dressings. The restaurant is open Thursday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. For more information, call 562/343-7001 or visit the website listed above. (Photograph by the Business Journal’s Thomas McConville)

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