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SA Recycling

March 13, 2012 – SA Recycling, one of the largest recycling enterprises on the West Coast, celebrated its Terminal Island facility’s 50th year of operation on February 27. Located at 901 New Dock St., the facility gathers, shreds, shears and sorts metals from cars, bridges and other large-scale items to be melted down into new steel and repurposed. Because of its commitment to environmental sustainability, SA Recycling has implemented several technological innovations such as an air purification system, a storm water treatment facility, electric shredders and a state-of-the-art metal sorting system to ensure that more materials are recycled instead of placed in local landfills. “We are constantly striving to develop new technologies and serve as a good neighbor in the community,” George Adams, CEO of SA Recycling, said in a statement. “We are proud of our accomplishments in introducing these innovations and are committed to continuing to develop new ways to protect the well being of the communities we serve.” For more information, visit www.sarecycling.com. Pictured, from left, are: Joe Buscaino, City of Los Angeles 15th District councilman; George Adams, president and CEO of SA Recycling; Elinor Lester, port manager for SA Recycling’s Terminal Island facility; Moises Figueroa, regional general manager for SA Recycling; David Thornburg, director of public affairs for SA Recycling; and Don Knabe, Los Angeles County 4th District supervisor. (Photograph courtesy of SA Recycling)
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