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Upcoming Conventions in Long Beach

This month’s events at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center draw a variety of businesses and provide opportunities for networking in fields such as dance, home and garden, pool and spa and health.

February 15-17
Celebrating 23 years of dance diversity and education in Long Beach, the annual Belly Dancer Of The Universe competition offers workshops and dance classes along with its competitions. Cost: $25 (cash only) at the door. To register for a workshop or performance spot and for more information, email tonya-and-atlantis@charter.net or visit bellydanceroftheuniverse.com.

February 21-23
The annual Western Pool & Spa Show comes to Long Beach to educate and train pool and spa service technicians about the trade and give manufacturers and distributors networking opportunity in the industry. Cost: $75. Closed to the public. For more information call (800) 787-7727 or visit westernshow.com.

February 22-24
The South Bay Home & Garden Show features displays and exhibits of innovative home improvement, remodeling, interior design, decorating and landscaping ideas. Educational and informative seminars and demonstrations are also provided at the free event to help homeowners enhance the beauty and the value of their homes. For more information, call 1-800-358-7469 or visit homeshowconsultants.com.

February 28-March 2
Now in its 38th year, the Flow Expo—a plumbing, heating and cooling industry trade show—showcases more than 250 manufacturers. The expo features industry contractors and techs in plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, facilities, maintenance, piping, mechanics and refrigeration. To register, visit phccglaa.org. Closed to the public.

March 1-3
The Health Freedom Expo invites the public to learn about natural healthcare. The event offers guest speakers, exhibits, discussion panels, movies and workshops on topics such as how to use food as medicine, how to prevent ill health rather than create it and how to deal with family illnesses. Cost: $20 for a single day, $35 for the three-day weekend ($45 after February 24.) For more information, call (888) 658-3976 or visit healthfreedomexpo.com.