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Congressman Alan Lowenthal Responds To Embassy Bombing In Turkey

By Tiffany Rider, Senior Writer

February 1, 2013 - In response to an apparent terrorist attack by a suicide bomber on the United States Embassy in Turkey, Congressman Alan Lowenthal (D-Long Beach) released the following statement:

“My sympathies go out to those innocent individuals who were killed and injured in the terrorist bombing at the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, Turkey. This incident highlights the dangerous world we live in and that American citizens and the symbols of democracy remain targets no matter where they are. As deadly as it was, the magnitude of this attack was apparently minimized by security measures at the Embassy. Along with the earlier attacks in Libya and Egypt on US Embassies, this most recent attack clearly emphasizes the need to further strengthen the safety and security precautions of our Embassies worldwide.”

Lowenthal, a member of the U.S House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs, sits on its sub-committees “Europe, Eurasia and Emerging Threats” and “Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade.”