3D printing company relocating headquarters to Douglas Park

El Segundo-based Morf3D Inc., a metal additive manufacturing (AM) company, announced Monday it will relocate its headquarters to Long Beach, having claimed one of the last available industrial buildings in Douglas Park.

San Pedro Bay Ports’ CAAP is a ‘trailblazing’ model for the rest of the...

For the last 15 years, the San Pedro Bay Ports complex has been working toward ambitious environmental goals to drastically reduce emissions. Now, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is praising the ports’ Clean Air Action Plan as a “groundbreaking program.”

Catalyst CEO Elliot Lewis isn’t in the Long Beach cannabis business to make friends

Lewis' public persona and loud voice on issues like social equity and cannabis taxes—he was the only dispensary owner to lobby the city council to raise taxes on the industry—have made him a controversial figure in the local industry and beyond. 

Commission approves Downtown zone change that could allow more cannabis dispensaries

The Planning Commission on Thursday voted to approve plans for a new cannabis dispensary on Pine Avenue sending it to the City Council for final approval.

Artisan bakery Colossus Bread to open Belmont Shore location Friday

Using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, Colossus specializes in wholegrain and sourdough breads, handmade croissants and laminated fruit pastries.

Court ruling on local elections leaves City Council with a decision to make

A November ruling in a case filed by the city of Redondo Beach sought to bring back the autonomy that charter cities have regarding their election dates, even if they had sagging election day turnout.

The 6 Best Apps For A Mental Workout

Mental fitness is integral to whole body health and wellness. Use these 6 brain game apps to strengthen your focus, coordination, recall, and more - all while adding some fun to your daily routine!

Creating new park space in Long Beach ‘not impossible, but challenging’

Residents in East Long Beach have access to nearly 16 times the park space than those living in West Long Beach. But as the City Council tries to address this inequity, it will likely run into two big obstacles: time and money.

Bankrupt Queen Mary operator left more than $20 million in urgently needed repairs, court...

Of the repairs that were done by Urban Commons, some appear to have been "performed incorrectly or not pursuant to applicable standards, and will likely need to be fixed or re-done in the near term."

City leaders approve storage facility where advocates wanted a park

The council’s vote certifies a decision made by the Planning Commission in December that approved lot mergers, zoning changes and permits for the construction of the three-story, 152,000 square-foot self storage and recreational vehicle storage facility that will be built at 3701 Pacific Place.

Training program aims to bolster local goods movement workforce

The port partnered with Long Beach City College in 2018 to develop the Maritime Center of Excellence, a program dedicated to professional development for jobs related to the supply chain and logistics sector.

Chamber to award Entrepreneur of the Year during virtual event

Matt and Pat Cullen of Amber Resources, a full-service petroleum distribution company on the Westside, will be honored as the 2021 City Bank Entrepreneur of the Year, the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce recently announced. Pat will be honored posthumously.

New Super Track model aims to shorten wait times for emergency room patients at...

Long wait times are not a foreign concept to anyone who has visited an emergency room, whether the trip ended up being warranted or...

March is typically a slow month for cargo traffic; this year marked a record...

Terminal operators at the Port of Long Beach moved 840,387 twenty-foot equivalent units during March, making it the busiest month on record in its 110-year history, staff announced Thursday.

Rocket Lab aims to bring a reusable rocket back from space

During its next mission, Long Beach-based Rocket Lab will attempt to bring a rocket back from space, the company announced Thursday. The mission is the first step toward making its Electron rocket the first orbital-class reusable small launch vehicle.

Emotionally and economically exhausted: Hospitals one year into COVID-19

The last 13 months have been a rollercoaster of shifting guidelines, lockdowns and tragedy. From individuals to businesses to the economy at large, nothing was immune to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Doctors and nurses have spent the last year triaging patients in parking lots, providing care in temporary tents and working long hours to treat massive amounts of patients in overcrowded hospitals.

Try these hobbies to keep your brain active as you age

Starting a new hobby can help you stay mentally fit and add some excitement and joy to your day! Here are a few to try.

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of nurses—but hindered their training

The disruption of practical training, experts say, could impact the future state of nursing.

DLBA to provide up to $10K in outdoor dining expense reimbursement for businesses while...

Businesses with outdoor dining will be able to apply for up to $10,000 in relief through the Downtown Long Beach Alliance's Outdoor Dining Reimbursement program beginning midnight on Monday morning.

Seismic retrofits could cost hospitals billions—now they’re pleading with legislators to ease requirements

Over the next 10 years, California hospitals, including all of the hospitals in Long Beach, will have to make changes to the structure of their buildings to conform to the standards set following the Northridge quake—costly changes. 

‘Feels like home’: Businessman opens homes for seniors that offer personalized care 

When Jose Umana in 2020 opened his fifth residential care home for seniors, all located in Long Beach, it marked the realization of an ambitious lifetime goal he’d made for himself when he first went into business.

Former Belmont Heights home of the ‘Flying Bixbys’ is on the market for $4...

The woodwork in the house is original and in great condition after the owners had its 107 solid-mahogany doors and 80 mahogany-trimmed windows all stripped and refinished.

Doctors expect thousands of additional cancer deaths after pandemic causes decrease in screenings

The longer cancer remains undetected, the deadlier it becomes. Cancer is classified by stages ranging from one to four and mortality rates increase the higher the stage, Vora said. For example, on average, stage 1 and 2 colorectal cancer has a 10% mortality rate, stage 3 is 30% and stage 4 is 86%, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Councilman who voted in favor of Downtown hotel project files appeal with Coastal Commission,...

Councilman Roberto Uranga, who also serves on the Coastal Commission, signed onto an appeal late last month challenging some of the aspects of the proposed hotel, including how it affects pedestrian access to the coast, the cost to stay at the hotel and how the hotel’s valet parking would impact access to a public park.

Shoreline Gateway Tower officially becomes tallest building in Long Beach, despite pandemic challenges and...

From delays in the delivery of window glass from a Chinese province on lockdown in the early days of the pandemic, to coronavirus infections among workers on the site, continuing construction on the residential tower has been costly and lengthy.

Feds consider Long Beach Convention Center for emergency migrant shelter

Convention centers in San Diego and Dallas have already been converted to shelters to help house the thousands of migrants packing facilities at the U.S.-Mexico border in recent weeks.

How to stretch and stay flexible while actively aging

Maintaining flexibility is an important part of a healthy, active aging lifestyle. The good news is, adding stretches to your regular exercise routine can help improve flexibility at any age! Here are some tips to get started.

Community Hospital emergency department expected to open in May, operator says

The long-shuttered emergency department at Community Hospital is expected to reopen in May, according to the facility’s operator Molina, Wu, Network. The reopening will mark a turning point for the hospital, allowing it to admit its own patients, spokesperson Brandon Dowling said.

LBCEI opens doors to community donations to help fill the gaps for food pantries

Donations from the community offer Food Network pantry guests the ability to obtain products they haven’t had easy access to for almost a year.

Grand Prix’s future could hinge on city’s waterfront development plans

The Grand Prix’s agreement with the city extends through the 2023 race, but a lot of factors affect the longevity of the event beyond that.

Development continues citywide with a special focus on changing the Long Beach skyline forever

While many sectors—and people’s lives in general—were turned upside down this past year, construction on numerous developments continued throughout Long Beach. There were certainly new...

City Council to consider transferring control of Queen Mary land to commission that oversees...

The announcement Monday evening by Councilwoman Cindy Allen's office adds a new twist to problems surrounding the Queen Mary, whose private operator, hired by the city, is in bankruptcy.
Elephant Lot Near Long Beach Convention Center

‘Something big and fantastic is going to happen’: City to study 13-acre parcel near...

The coming year could shape what becomes of the largest undeveloped parcel of oceanfront land in Long Beach, the so-called “elephant lot” named for its prior use by the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Long Beach unemployment dips to 11.7%, economists hopeful more strong job gains to come

As more businesses reopen or expand operations thanks to falling COVID-19 numbers, the unemployment rates across the county, including in Long Beach, continue to fall.

Tiny city faces uphill battle to meet tripled state housing numbers 

Signal Hill planners are currently surveying land throughout the city to find future housing locations. Once identified, the properties can then be zoned for affordable housing.

New 130-bed restorative care campus to open in Downey this fall

The new facility will include 50 beds for homeless patients and support to connect them with long-term housing, officials said. 

Long Beach Port could receive additional cargo ships due to blockage at Egypt’s Suez...

A cargo ship stuck sideways in the Suez Canal shipping lane, one of the world’s busiest trade routes, in northern Africa is causing a major traffic jam for shipping companies around the world, which could divert ships to Long Beach that were not accounted for.

Rocket Lab inks deal for four more 2021 launches

Days after its 19th successful launch, Long Beach-based Rocket Lab penned a contact to put eight more BlackSky satellites into low-Earth orbit this year, the company announced Thursday.

The pillars of active aging – Top tips for staying fit in mind, body,...

Staying on top of your mind, body, and lifestyle wellness is more important than ever. We’ve put together a list of four trends to add to your active lifestyle and help you maintain all-around fitness.
Queen Mary

With Queen Mary lease set for auction, the fate of a city landmark is...

The ship could see yet another new caretaker when the Queen Mary's lease goes up for auction next month after its current operator, Eagle Hospitality Trust, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January.

Long Beach is rebuilding after ‘a very hard year,’ mayor says in annual address...

The city has roughly $386 million worth of projects either recently completed or in the pipeline, and has plans to invest in residents and the local economy with a windfall of new money in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the mayor said Wednesday in an annual speech about development in the city. 

Downtown veteran-owned coffee and tea shop to close for good this weekend

While the coffee and tea shop is closing, the two owners are moving on to focus on a nonprofit they’ve founded to help military veterans and K9s transition from service-life to life as civilians.

Seven new satellites are orbiting Earth after successful Rocket Lab mission

The mission is Rocket Lab’s 19th successful Electron launch since its first in January 2018. Monday’s success brings the total number of satellites the company has safely delivered to space to 104.

Long Beach, LA ports could be flooded by tsunami, costing $1B per day, officials...

An interactive tsunami map for Los Angeles County now allows users to type in an address to determine whether their property is within a hazard zone, officials said today.

For Long Beach bars, this was a year of navigating rules—and sometimes breaking them—to...

Currently bars are not allowed to open unless they sell food, but they could be allowed to open in a few weeks for outdoor service when the city enters the “orange” tier in the state's color-coded system determining when it's safe to loosen restrictions.

Rocket Lab to launch seven satellites into orbit as early as today

Seven small satellites are slated to be blasted into orbit as early as this afternoon aboard a Rocket Lab Electron rocket. This is the Long Beach-based company’s second launch of the year.

Long Beach Unified moving forward with sale of district properties

If, as expected, the district does go forward with the sale, the sales are likely to provide a significant cash infusion as well as restructuring the way the district’s administration operations are physically laid out.

Music and event venues will soon be eligible for grants; here’s how to apply

Grant applications won't be accepted until April 8, but venue operators who want to be notified when applications open can sign up through the Small Business Administration.

Supporting local businesses and expanding trade will be key to economic recovery, experts say

To support the city’s recovery in the short-term, economist Seiji Steinmetz said, it is important to keep money circulating in the city. In the long run, he recommended investment in maintaining and expanding the city’s traded industries, such as manufacturing and tourism.

California Legislature OKs expansion of paid sick leave

The rules would expire on Sept. 30, but are retroactive to Jan. 1. Some companies would have to pay their workers for time off they have already taken.

Cambrian Homecare Celebrates 25 Years of Creating Relationships

When Cambrian began in 1996, there were three office workers and about 30 caregivers. Now, Cambrian has nearly 1,000 caregivers — all of whom are employees.

Relativity Space announces first defense contract for rocket launch service

Relativity Space, the most recent addition to Long Beach’s reemerging aerospace sector, was awarded its first U.S. Department of Defense contract, the company announced this week.

More cannabis dispensaries could be in the works as Long Beach looks to increase...

Long Beach is looking into offering eight additional licenses for cannabis dispensaries in hopes of diversifying those who own and run them.

City Council OKs plan to spend an expected windfall of $153 million in federal...

One of the largest allocations the city is proposing is to plug budget holes, end furloughs and replenish the city’s reserves with over $83 million of the $153 million from the federal government.

Relaxed COVID-19 restrictions offer little relief for local music venues

“I would have never thought I’d be operating like this, but it is what it is."

Even looser COVID rules soon? Long Beach could enter the ‘orange tier’ in a...

Long Beach and Los Angeles County could be just weeks away from entering the state’s even looser 'orange tier' of coronavirus rules.

Truck drivers file Cal/OSHA complaint over safety conditions during pandemic

The complaint alleges one of the region's largest short-haul trucking companies failed to protect drivers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

New owner of City Place retail district plans to replace big-box stores with retail...

“Big-box retail stores are not the highest and best use for this site," said John Drachman, co-founder of Waterford Property Company, one of the firms involved in the purchase. "It’s better suited for more density.”

State program could ease strain on moderate-income housing construction

A growing number of cities are entering into deals in which newer apartment buildings are purchased with tax-exempt bonds to be turned into affordable units.

‘Music is my high’: With live shows canceled, indie booker starts 7” record label

Jon and Julia Halperin did not want to be a traditional record label, so each of his 7” releases is strictly limited to 200 copies on two colorways, 100 of each, and the artists have complete control of the release.

There’s money in STEM—Robin Thorne wants women and girls to get their share

Since 2019, in addition to running her own environmental compliance company in Long Beach, Thorne has been organizing monthly educational workshops on STEM.

Grocery Outlet owner Kia Patterson is working hard at being the boss

When Patterson bought her first Grocery Outlet in Compton in 2017, there was virtually no place to find organic produce or much food of any quality, causing the region to be declared a “food desert.”

‘Thrilled to death’: Restaurants, gyms, museums say reopening indoors gives them chance at survival

"This is really wonderful to welcome back people," said Kerstin Kansteiner, owner of Berlin Bistro and Portfolio Coffeehouse. "I just called a dishwasher who hasn’t worked since March 16 of last year, she cried on the phone she was so happy."

Long Beach to allow customers inside at restaurants, theaters and gyms starting Monday

Here's what's allowed to reopen in Long Beach starting Monday, March 15, now that LA County has moved into the red tier of restrictions.

Despite economic downturn and limiting regulations, Signal Hill restaurants are holding on

Although many restaurants have struggled, Signal Hill’s eateries have fared comparatively well during the pandemic.

Queen Mary operator to auction lease for ship after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Long Beach owns the Queen Mary but has leased the ship to various operators, some of whom have met similar financial struggles.

LA County, Long Beach meet state threshold to open more businesses next week—but will...

Los Angeles County's COVID-19 case numbers continued dropping today, officially meeting the criteria to escape the most restrictive tier of the state's economic-reopening blueprint, which could happen by the weekend and authorize the county to reopen more businesses.   

Long Beach economic forum to tackle trade, port infrastructure and economic recovery

The free, virtual event will feature localized data on trade, logistics and economic developments, and will highlight the economic impact of the city's ongoing vaccination process and unique position as the only West Coast port city with its own health department. 

LA County prepares to loosen restrictions on businesses as soon as next week

Whether the county will approve all the reopenings permitted in the "red" tier of the state blueprint—such as indoor dining—remained unclear.  Officials in Long Beach, which has its own health department, haven't yet said what they plan to do, either.

Long Beach expects to receive $151 million in new stimulus funds; here’s the mayor’s...

Long Beach expects to receive $151 million in stimulus funds from the federal government, with the largest chunk expected to be used to solve the city's budget deficits and end employee furloughs, the mayor said Monday in a video address.

For first-time home buyers in Long Beach, ‘It’s not a great spot to be...

Simply put, Cal State Long Beach Department of Economics chair Seiji Steinmetz says, "A middle-class person cannot afford to own a home in Long Beach right now.”

On pointe: At Gravity Dance Company, Ms. Q strives to teach dance and life...

Shiquita Sargent is as confident as they come—and with good reason. The 35-year-old has overcome a number of obstacles in her young life. At her dance studio, Gravity Dance Company in Bixby Knolls, Sargent aims to teach her students the same grit, perseverance and love for dance that has carried her through tough times.

Conventions drive Long Beach’s hospitality and tourism economy

When visitors come to a convention on Long Beach’s waterfront, they also go out to dinner after with friends at nearby restaurants, shop for gifts to bring home, stay overnight at hotels, and rent bicycles to pedal up the beach path. When they like what they see, they may schedule a return trip with the whole family.

American Lending Center offers Paycheck Protection Program Loans to our nation’s women- and minority-owned...

ALC acts on the longstanding belief that small businesses and grassroots entrepreneurs are the true engines of the U.S. economy.

St. Mary CEO on a mission: from small Southern farm roots to big SoCal...

For about three and a half years, Carolyn Caldwell has served as president and CEO of St. Mary Medical Center in Long Beach. But her journey to leading one of the area’s largest hospitals—before and during one of the worst health crises in modern American history—was a long one spanning decades and multiple states.

Huff’s Family Restaurant is closed; debts make reopening doubtful

Like many other businesses, Huff's has been hammered by changing COVID-19 regulations, openings and closings, and—in its case—a proximity to Orange County where rules were looser.

Signal Hill’s long awaited mixed-use ‘city center’ is once again on the back burner

David Slater, executive vice president and COO of oil company and developer Signal Hill Petroleum, said the pandemic did not play a role in putting the project on hold.

Affordable condo project gains early approval amid protests over parking impacts

A 36-unit condo project in the Washington Neighborhood gained a key approval from the Long Beach Planning Commission Thursday but neighbors of the project are concerned of its impact on parking.

Planning Commission approves 30-story hotel project at old Jergins Trust site

The hotel would become one of the city’s tallest buildings at approximately 375 feet, and one of its most recognizable with a proposed 130-foot tall lighted-spire to extend upward from its 28th floor.

Tourism, labor groups plea for COVID-19 guidelines on conventions ‘immediately’

“Every day I’m on the phone with someone trying to convince them to not cancel and take their business to another state,” said Steve Goodling, President and CEO of the Long Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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